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The sadist occupies the place of the object ‘to the benefit of an­ [imagined] other, for whose jouissance he exercises his action’. The executioner works for the enjoyment of the Other, not for his own: he becomes a sole instrument of the Other’s Will.
S.Zizek - “And in so-called “totalitarianism”, this illegal agent-instrument of the law, the Sadeian executioner, appears as such in the shape of the Party, agent-instrument of historical Will. ..By means of occupying himself the place of the object - of making himself the agent-executor of the Other’s Will - he avoids the division constitutive of the subject and transposes his division upon his other.” - Slavoj Zizek
You get instant data on the girl.. She likes anal sex, she likes her breasts pinched, she likes this music.. ..And isn’t it how our real lives are structured? Let’s say you are an anti-Arab, anti-Jewish, or anti-black racist. ..You project on him all your racist knowledge. You see that he’s evil, a danger to you, or whatever, blah blah. I think it’s a perfect metaphor for our spontaneous ideology
Slavoj Zizek on the consumer society and its ideology’s hidden racist core, baffler magazine
we can now see the Libertine as just another Hostage of the [inexistent] Other, [giving] the name of the [inexistent] Other’s jouissance, and is thus all the more the slave of this absolute jouissance — ironically, just as the moment he or she thinks he is the Absolute Master.
Kant with Sade, Lacan with Adorno: “Enjoying bodies,” the Ram and the Law. - Rabaté, Jean-Michel (
[In religion] ethics is not something you should stick to against temptation. The ethical, as such, is the temptation. Which is why..this crazy leap of faith into the religious can..appear, to external observers, as merely aesthetic..regression.
 Slavoj Zizek - Philosophy and Scripture - “ opt for the ethical, from within the ethical the only step toward the religious is, often in its appearance, a regression towards the aesthetic. ..The ethical is sheer interpretation itself.” - S.Zizek
Begg wrote that he had suffered escalating harassment from British authorities, something which he claimed was due to his..“evidence that British governments, past and present, have been wilfully complicit in torture.”
Glenn Greenwald on Begg winning the legal fight against the false accusation tactics used by government and secret service. (via andrevantino) (via andrevantino)
Begg’s arrest by British authorities was motivated by the government’s dislike for his advocacy rather than any actual criminality. (via andrevantino) “Begg has now spent over three..years..behind bars, all without being convicted of anything. No allegation against him has ever been tried in court, and until recently no attempt has ever been made to even charge him.” - Glenn Greenwald